Alcohol, Awkward, Beer, Eating

In Which I Try to Stop Being a Dirty Liar.

I have just been the worst recently.

I have been taking all most of the pictures I promised I would take…but I have not been writing at all.


Let’s talk about Thursday…It was a fiesta!

Really, I ate Mexican food at 9 AM.

I am made of good choices.

Everyone else did it too…it was a going away brunch (?) for a co-worker and we all brought Mexican food…

I dunno guys.

Good choice #1


I made the guacamole, which was described by my cube-mate as “second only to the guac that this Mexican girl he dated for a while made”.


And, of course, there was a lot of soda.

So I did the adult thing and had about 5 cups of diet coke…it is my one true addiction…besides all the glue sniffing…


Or am I?

She’s my cocaine.


Then it was lunch time…and there was STILL a lot of Mexican food.

Free food is free food.

I ate more Mexican food, obviously.

So many good choices.


Do you guys want to see the crappiest photo I’ve ever taken? I was trying to be really stealth and not look like some weirdo who takes pictures of her food as some sort of strange social experiment where she is both the test subject AND the control group…

That is exactly what is going on…I just don’t want all of my co-workers to know.

I did this (this=caramel) to a grape also.


Then I ate a sandwich before I went to work out…did I go to dance that day? I honestly do not know.

I should be a food stylist.


Yes, I did go to dance and then went to the gym AFTER and AFTER THE GYM I ate this:

What am I?


Wow…the bowl that is not the cherries looks disgusting. It was leftover steak and potatoes with some goat cheese added.


Later, I was still hungry…

So I had carrots and hummus.

There was much rejoicing.


So that was Thursday…I’m gonna try and get Friday and Saturday up by the end of the day, but right now I have to go watch the Saints beat the Redskins (sorry baby).

I SHOULD WARN YOU: Friday I drank some beverages containing some amount of ethanol so I may (hint: I did) have forgotten to take a lot of pics.

Sorry, bibbles.






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