Yesterday was Monday…I am a day behind always.

Bad News: I’m not going to be blogging AT ALL next weekend.

Good News: I will not be blogging because it’s my FIRST anniversary.

So I guess this thing is official? Ha.

But seriously, we’re going to Disney and it’s going to be super fun and I’m super excited and I love my husband.



Monday started with an egg and coffee and me forgetting to take a picture.

What. Else. Is. New.

Anyway, lunch?

Sad looking microwave meal.

I obviously need to cook more.


And a leftover brownie. Thanks, co-worker!

I can’t let them go bad…


Then I got that 2:30 feeling…which for me is hunger…so I got a granola bar.



Then I got home and had a surprise! I did not eat this…but I kinda wanted to?

Nom Han Solo Nom.

Nom Han Solo Nom.


Then I ate some grapes.

Toxic to dogs.

And some eggs with veggies and goat cheese.

Oh yeah…and prosciutto.


Much later, I had a snack!



Then I decided that snap peas were a poor sub for chips…so I had chips.



But hey! I didn’t go to Dunedin House of Beer!

Yay Claire!





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