Alcohol, Awkward, Beer

Guess where I am?

Heh heh heh…

Where am I always?

Anywhores…today…I remembered to photograph breakfast.

This is important.

This is the only thing I like in the cafeteria.

Guys, I have been STARVING lately. I’m starving when I wake up, at lunch, at about 2 pm, at 5 pm, and sometime between 7-9 pm. ANYWAY…maybe it’s the weight training? I guess lifting heavy (for me) things makes me hungry?

More sadness.

Then I was STARVING AGAIN by 3:00

So I ate these things:

Meh…yet, again.

Not a lot of chocolate on these.

Then I went home and was STILL hungry so I ate some leftover home-made pizza…it was still really good.

So good.

Then I went to the gym…


Pre-shower crackers.

For my bones…

I love my lima beans.

These need to go away.


And here we are…

Wut wut.

I’ll have a couple more.






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