Alcohol, Beer, Eating

In Which I Eat Nothing All Day And Then Gorge Myself at Night.

Don’t try this at home.

The day started easily enough…a croissant and black iced tea.

Not horrible, but not great (for me…it tasted great).


Then I didn’t eat for a million hours…then I went to a friend’s house for home-made (amazing) pizza.

They did everything right.

Hello, Sailor.


There was a third…a pizza of the chicken pesto persuasion…sorry no pic. Anywayz…I only had two pieces…and this healthy salad (with a delicious home-made vinaigrette)…

You can see the crust of the pesto pizza…


But then this happened…

Also home-made…haven’t these guys heard of the store? You see what I did there? I’m not in my best form today…



I had some help.

Look at that sassy heifer.

Czech mate…HA.

I think I had, like, three of these?


That last one is called a “Kamikaze”…vodka+triple sec+ lime juice=delicious!

There was also a bottle of Chimay in there somewhere…

This also happened:

I did not win.


Sean won…I hope you’re all happy.

Stay tuned later tonight, when I’ll tell you what I ate today…hint: more of that pizza.











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