Alcohol, Awkward, Beer, Eating, Sweets


Oh…this weekend has been intense, food-wise. And, of course, I am two days behind…let’s do this thing real quick.

Home-made walnut bread.

I had two pieces.


Lunch time…

I was half-way through before I remembered the pic.

I did not buy these, but I ate about half of them.


I also had a diet pepsi 😦

Then happy hour…I had three beers, but only one pic…I am just the worst at this recently…

The only picture I remembered.


Sean and I went to Grillsmith for dinner…

Dark salad.

Dark Chimichuri steak


Sorry everything is so dark…I already feel tacky taking pictures of my food…the flash would just be too much.

Then we watched The Hunger Games (most of it) and ate some ice-cream…this kind:


Sorry this post was boring…I don’t feel very witty today.

The end.


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