Awkward, Eating, Sweets

I Have No Arms.

It’s fine.

Well, I guess they are technically there. But they don’t feel like arms.

I worked out my arms real hard…in case you were wondering.


I ate a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich this morning. Of course, I forgot my damn phone at my desk and it would have been weird to ask my co-workers to “watch my sandwich” while I went and got my phone so I could take a picture of my sandwich…and then explain why I’m taking a picture of my sandwich…it was just too exhausting to fathom.

I also had coffee…


It was a sad looking Amy’s Indian thing…but it is actually one of my favorite varieties.

I just wish it didn’t look like prison food.


I also had a tangerine segment…provided by the co-worker who also let’s me steal his fries….

Scurvy Prevention


Then I had this little cookie that was a complete waste of my time…that’s like, 37 seconds of chewing and swallowing that I’m never getting back.

Just the worst…


I was really hungry when I got home from work…so I had an apple, a pear, 4 slices of prosciutto, and a tiny bit of dubliner cheese.


It’s shadow Claire!


Then I went to the gym and lost my arms.

Then I made a pile of veggies with 2 eggs on top…cook in sesame oil and season with soy sauce…Asian flavor explosion!



Oh, and some gin-less juice!

No ethanol here.


Then I finished this bitch off!



I really need to start taking pictures of breakfast.





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