Alcohol, Beer, Eating, Parties

No. More. Birthday. Cake.

We Leos like our parties…so there has been A LOT of cake. So much cake. Most of it chocolate…All of it delicious. I was offered cake twice today. I only accepted once.

What else did I accept into my body (dirty) today?

1. Two eggs on greens with prosciutto.

A healthful start.

2. Black iced coffee

I like my coffee like I like my men…cold and in a glass container.

3. Then all of the beers! It was Luke’s (the barkeep’s) birthday…so there was cake…Luke doesn’t even like cake…

ANYWAY. I did not eat that cake.

I drank all of these beers instead.

A glorious ginger wheat.

Cuke Saison…again.

I almost forgot to photograph the summer love!

4. Then I ate this piece of cheese.


5. Fun Fact: I cannot pronounce the word “sandwich” correctly.

Turkey, salami, cheese, onion roll…fuggetaboutit.

6. Spoonful of cookie butter.

Drunk Claire was making all the choices.

7. Then Josh and Katie took me to Heather’s birthday celebration.

I had a few sips of Katie’s hard cider and:

A handful of chips…cheddar and sour cream…you don’t even know.

Funny story…that CD is blank…

Old School.


A small piece of cake with butter pecan ice-cream.

It was all very good.

Now Sean is ordering pizza…I’ll let you know if I have any…hint: I probably will.

I did.



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