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Let’s Put the “Party” in “Pity Party”!


Ok. So. I’m supposed to be on the way to the Cheesecake Factory for my friend Ken’s birthday…but I’m not because I don’t want to subject people to the disgusting creature that is moi. It’s hard to eat when one is congested as one simply struggles to gulp down mouthfuls of food before one asphyxiates. Add in maintaining a pleasant conversation…it just can’t be done.

So Sean went without me…and here we are. Don’t worry though! I’m really self-sufficient when I’m sick (lies).

This is what I ate today:

1. One over-medium egg on one piece of white toast (no butter and sadly, no picture…I am Capt. Spacey in the morning…But not related to Kevin…that would be awesome…I think I’ll watch American Beauty tonight!).

2. Chicken Lemon Orzo soup! Sorry for the saddest looking picture of soup you have ever seen.

All the orzo sank.


3. Four french fries…they were not mine. I kinda stole them (with permission).

This fry is also sad looking.

4. An olive from someone’s salad that they did not want.

This olive is sad because it wasn’t allowed to be part of the salad experience.


4. Leftover Tom Something soup and rice.

I don’t have anything witty for this soup.


5. Ginger Ale! Not beer guys!…just wait, though…


Not Beer.


6. An apple and a nectarine… I put Cookie Butter on the apple.

In Bed!


7. My husband said “I got you a snack!” and threw this at me:

It clearly tells me not to eat it in like 5 languages…


8. Then my rude husband left and I got this party started.

Also not beer. I put all the ingredients out so you could make one toooooo!



What are you guys doin’?






2 thoughts on “Let’s Put the “Party” in “Pity Party”!

  1. Joe D says:

    I’m working on drafting a paper…but after seeing all those libations spread out on the counter you’ve inspired me to open a beer…Cheers Claire!

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