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Tuesday’s Gone

Here’s a topical song to really get this blog started!



How can you not love those ridiculous redneck mo-fo’s?


What did I eat today?

Random. Freaking. Things.

It started out a lot like Monday…

Iced coffee accompanied this feast.


Lunch was pretty normal…some tuna salad…a nectarine…

Oh hai, idea from pinterest…

White-fleshed nectarine…


Oh yeah…then I stole some co-worker’s fritos to dip in my hummus because my carrots were bad and then another co-worker gave me a mini lecture about how I shouldn’t buy baby carrots because they are made from the corpses of reject carrots BUT I LIKE THEM OKAY?

Haha…”carrot corpses”.

I miss my baby reject corpse carrots.


Then…Danielle is gonna give me some grief (HEY GIRL HEY!)…after work beers.

Not the best belgian but meh…

Pale Ale for the pale girl.


There were fries but I was so hungry I forgot to snap a picture 😦

Then things got weird.

Cucumbers with shredded Dubliner cheese and asian ginger dressing.

Lima beans and kale…

Lima beans and salami…everyone calm down.


Now…everyone is probably pretty weirded-out by now…that’s fine…I am too guys. But let’s examine what I didn’t eat because I didn’t want to take a picture of it and have everyone feel a mix of disgust and pit:

1. A handful of olives

2. All of the cheese

3. A glass of red wine AFTER the beer.

4. Hot chocolate

5. Cereal

6. A spoon full of cookie butter

I think this is going well.





3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Gone

  1. Things did get really weird with those lima beans. Da fuq…

    HEY! I am just trying to help! Think about how many calories and carbs you’d cut out by cutting the beer out weekdays! THINK ABOUT IT.

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