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Day Three: I Finally Make Cucumber Saison My Bitch.

By “bitch”…I mean something I put in my body…yup.

Let’s start with breakfast though… the most important of things I put in my body…

Iced Coffee, Coffee Ice Cubes

Note the heart shape coffee ice-cubes in the iced coffee…

Eggs and Biscuits…


Lets move on to the luncheon portion of my day…eaten in a cubicle.

Sad leftover veggie spaghetti…rice pasta be tee dubs…


And then…after the workaday day…a snack…a snack for women. A COCONUT snack for women…

Oh hai, Kira!


With milk! It does my body good! Question: Do you guys feel like I’m using the phrase “my body” too much? I think I might be…


Out of a mothafuckin’ mason jar.


And then we do a 180…breakfast for dinner!

With grapefruit juice…without gin…I forgot that was a thing.


Then I went to Dunedin House of Beer and had three beers…


Seventh Sun Berliner…Not bad…

Magic Hat #9…whatevs…frivolous fruity whatever.


Then I was snacky…So I ate this…

Arugula, spinach, ginger dressing and some dogs (that I did not eat).


So there you have it cats and kittens! The things that I put in my body! What say you bibbles? Say some things! Please…good or bad…I need some feedback!











9 thoughts on “Day Three: I Finally Make Cucumber Saison My Bitch.

  1. Amy H says:

    Someday you will have to take me out for beer. I have never done beer, I do wine. Beer usually smells like fermented piss but you make it sounds good.

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