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Cake cake cake cake cake…

And it’s not even my birthday…anymore. Thank the baby Jesus in a manger…my pancreas. Oy.


Let’s just do this in pictures…

It started with the most alarming/amazing/what-has-science-done??? moment…cats and kittens, I give you…the PIKE (pie inside a cake).

What has science done indeed?

This was from an amazing co-worker. It was diabolical.

Next…lets talk about how amazing my husband is. He had a god-damn Junior’s cheesecake flown in from god-damn NYC. I mean really, what is this guy’s game? It’s like he loves me or something…

Just ridiculous.

AND THEN…Katie Kelly made me…just wait for it…BEER CUPCAKES. CHOCOLATE STOUT CUPCAKES. Let’s just attack all of our internal organs at once.

They are dwindling in supply.

And then today…there was an office party (thrown by the ladies) to celebrate my birth. With more cake. And what a cake it was. Apparently, it’s called a diva cake…

From the pike co-worker.

Needless to say, this whole birthday week has been amazing/awful/painful/delicious.

It’s no surprise that this song has been playing in my head non-stop.

And yeah, I know that she really means her vagina…

Also, here’s a fun pic from my party:


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