Decidedly Unsexy Sexist Science.

I don’t if you guys have heard about the debacle that is Science: It’s a girl thing!…or if you have seen the “teaser”, which we will view shortly, but I would just like to say:

In the name of all that is sacred…what. the. fuck…you are doing it wrong and it has never been done wronger.

Before we continue this discussion, please click on the above hyperlink and watch the below video.

I’m sorry I did that to your eyes/brain.

This video/campaign is problematic for soooooo many reasons. Let’s go over them!

1. Safety first ladies!

Not only are these bitches wearing open-toed, heeled shoes, they don’t bother with safety glasses until the very end of the video…after they drop their “experiment” (colored balls?) on the floor and giggle about it. It’s a good thing the real scientist (the confused guy with the scope) didn’t give them any sulfuric acid…they would have burned their toes off and/or eyes out.

This is how serious I am about safety. Also, how awesome are my safety glasses? Safety can be sexy!

So serious.

2. Dress for the job you have, not the job you want.

Especially if the job you want is a cocktail waitress. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. That could be fun…

But here’s the thing: I love to strut it every once in a while (okay, whenever I’m not at work) but if you wear fun sexy clothes in a chem lab, you are going to get not-so-fun, not-so-sexy holes in your clothes. This has happened to me countless times. Which is why I spend my workweek in flared jeans and t-shirts.



4.  It seems like the only “science” these girls are allowed to work with (besides the colored balls) are liquid nitrogen (fun, but it’s mostly used to help other science get done, it itself is not an experiment…unless you’re 7), and makeup. Cosmetic science is a thing…but a lot of it involves spraying puppies in the face with perfume (this is an exaggeration…but I’m sure it’s done.) Also…even the “hydrogen” looks like LN2.

5. The farthest down the periodic table they get is HYDROGEN??? THE FIRST FUCKING ELEMENT.

6. Let’s get real here.

I obviously am all for women being in science. But they need to be women who want to be there. You can’t just replace the “i” in “science” with a lipstick and expect…well, anything. This video is demeaning and sexist…and what are they trying to do? Trick women into becoming scientists?

“Hey look girls! MAKEUP! You wanna work with makeup??? Yeah… come over here…to science land…we got a lot of  make-HAHAHA SUCKER! Get in the hood and watch your pretty manicure go down the drain..that’s right, you’ve been ACETONED.” – A man trying to trick girls into science.

Girls who want to be scientists need to know how much work it is. My chemistry degree was hard-fucking-earned. There is a lot of math involved. Sometimes it is boring as all get-out. Sometimes you get acid on your pretty skin. Sometimes you are exposed to things that can give you cancer and it’s not funny if you drop it. Sometimes you are dealing with things that cost thousands of dollars per gram or took you days to synthesize and it’s even LESS FUCKING FUNNY if you drop that. If you don’t like math and you don’t like memorizing, don’t become a scientist.

But if you do like those things, and you don’t care about how your hands/nails look, we (maybe I shouldn’t speak for all female scientists) would love to have you.


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