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Gluten-Free Goodness

I am not a health freak. I eat at McDonalds. I drink beer (high quality beer). I love red meat. I cook everything in butter. I think you get the point. My mother, god help her, did not raise me like this. Her idea of a delicious breakfast is an egg over sprouted grain bread with a drizzling of flax seed oil.  At least I don’t smoke. My health-conscious mother did tell me at the age of 15 that she’d rather I get pregnant as a teen than start smoking ever.

But here I am, trying to find satisfactory gluten-free, honey-sweetened goodies keep my sanity. Enter Carol’s gluten-free flour and the snickerdoodle recipe on the back of the bag. Carol claims she has figured out the exact ratio of brown rice flour, white rice flour, potato starch and xanthan gum (bacteria is fun!) to create a flour that bakes like the gluten-ridden powder I love so much. The only modification I made to Carol’s recipe was replacing the refined sugar with honey.

I knew this was going to be a more cake-like cookie the moment I saw the batter. I’m pretty sure that’s due to the honey though, not the flour.

Since the dough couldn’t be rolled into a ball, I had to sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Pretty tasty though. Sean was a huge fan. He doesn’t like overly sweet things, though.

Overall, I think this flour is a pretty good substitute. If I had used regular sugar, I’m pretty sure the cookie would have been chewier.



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