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Happily Ever Ice Cream

Bibbles, according to my nutritionist (who may be lying to me), I’m not supposed to be eating any grains except rice and buckwheat nor using any sweeteners except honey. Well, lucky for me, I have a good bit of  Tupelo honey left over from the wedding in the form of favors.

The problem is, I need ice cream in my life. I think it may be genetic… via my father…he’s kind of a junkie. I found this recipe on the intertubes and managed to alter it only slightly. Since vanilla beans run around $10 per stupid bean, I made use of the vanilla I bought on my honeymoon in Mexico.

Wedding favor honey + Honeymoon vanilla = Happily Ever Ice Cream!

Using my new ice cream maker (wedding gift from the beautiful Natalie Taylor), I was able to craft a cloud of creamy, melty, not-too-sweet goodness. The consistency straight from the maker reminded me of soft-serve, but a firmer consistency can be achieved by placing in the freezer for a few hours.

I loved the sophistication of the honey with the richness of the Mexican vanilla. I had sprinkled some cinnamon to try and add some autumnal flair , but I think it would be better to steep the batter with a cinnamon stick, as the cinnamon powder sits on the top, rather that becoming emulsified.

So Bibbles, it’s good thing I have this ice cream maker, otherwise I would ignore my nutritionist all together. I still don’t full believe him, but I’m going to try to follow his advice for a few weeks… a soft of experiment on myself.


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