I’ve been reading a lot of books about food, chefs, molecular gastronomy, food writing, food, noms, and food. I also watch a lot of Food Network. But not baking shows…those are boring for some reason…

ANYWAY, I’ve been powering through Devil in the Kitchen, Marco Pierre White’s memoir. Besides being entertaining, there are a little snippets of culinary genius throughout. For instance: How to fry the perfect egg. I usually order my eggs over-medium, not because I like firm yolk, because I hate runny white. But Marco solved my problem with the greatest of all problem solvers…

…Butter. ❤

…sexy devil.

Anyway, back to butter. What you do is put way more butter than you need in your pan with the heat on medium, crack your eggs in (Marco says they should be room temp) and while they are cooking, you bathe them in the sizzling butter!!!! You don’t need to flip your egg! The white gets fully cooked but you don’t overcook the yolk! It’s very egg-citing…ok, I’ll stop. Two is enough. I’m done.

Are you cracking up? No…stop it. Stop it now.


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